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Sound Recording

Missoula SoundWorks recording services include a variety of options for professional quality sound recording, mixing, and mastering. Options include live location and studio multi-track recording, as well as mixing and mastering services. We can help you take a project from conception to finish with our professional facilities and equipment, production and engineering experience, and studio musician services.

We offer great rates and package deals for projects. We have experience and expertise in working with commercial voiceovers, singer-songwriters, acoustic ensembles, rock bands, rap, and other styles.Our facility is well equipped for mixing and mastering projects to professional industry standards.

Mixing and mastering of home studio projects.

One particular area of expertise at Missoula Soundworks is helping take home studio recordings to a more professional level through our mixing and mastering services.

Here are before and after audio examples of a home studio mix mastered at Missoula soundworks: (click to hear audio files)

Digital Recording

Missoula Soundworks is based around state-of-the-art custom-built Digital Audio Workstations running industry standard software from Steinberg, Cakewalk, Waves, Native Instruments, and others. We use a variety of professional studio microphones from AKG, Shure, and Studio Projects, high quality microphone pre-amps from Focusrite and Presonus, and RME converters and soundcards. Our studio environment is comfortable, acoustically balanced, and easy to work in.

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Mixing & Mastering

Missoula Soundworks offers mixing and mastering services for all styles of music and audio projects. We have a variety of techniques, software, and equipment to work with any audio situation, such as audio restoration, mixing and mastering a recording for commercial distribution, or editing audio for use in film, advertisements, or performance. We have mixing and mastering experience in a large variety of styles, including country, folk, electronic, classical, radio and television advertisement, and film scores. We can take your audio and carefully fine-tune the balance of sounds, adjust volume and equalization to compete with commercial levels and standards, and definine the final CD layout with proper spacing, fades, etc. These efforts can dramatically improve the quality and consistency of your recordings, and it is extremely valuable to your final product.

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Pre-recorded Audio

If you have already pre-recorded your audio tracks from a home studio or elsewhere, we can mix and master them for you. Our trained ears and proven expertise can bring a great amount of professionalism into your final project. We can accept your sound files in all of the common formats. If possible, we prefer 24bit wav or aiff data files at 44.1 kHz on a data CD.

When sending us your music, keep in mind the following suggestions:

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